Eco garbage bags are bags which are disposable and are used to contain rubbish. They are a useful lining to waste containers in preventing their inside from being coated with the materials of waste. They are reusable which are eco-friendly and are part of lifestyle. Plastic bags that sneek into houses have now got their solution. Garbage bags are unavoidable disposal for everyone. Garbage bags which are compostable and biodegradable have offered a solution which is sustainable.

Polyethylene garbage bags are the common bags which are available. The following is the procedure on how they are made;

1. The resin pellets of polyethylene are poured into hoppers which are large.

2. Melts of the extruder then presses the polyethylene.

3. A ring of polyethylene is formed by the use of a die.

4. The bubble is then blown from the ring.

5. A flat tube is then formed from the bubble.

6. The film is then removed from the die by rolls.

7. Tubes are divided into webs which are multiple

8. Tubes are inflated into a bubble again

9. The bags are then sealed at the bottom. They are then folded and stacked for packaging.

CaptureThey come in variety of colors, but the commonly used are the white, black and clear colours.The other colors are used for identification purposes. Garbage bags are of different sizes and thicknesses. Their categories include; regular duty garbage bags, super heavy duty and super tuff garbage bags.

Garbage bags are of great benefit to the environment. They are environment friendly at an affordable price. Although garbage bags are recyclable, it is a small percentage of them that can be recyclable as proofed by a certain study.

They are designed in a way that helps them into compost in a couple of days. While still on the earth they remain earth friendly and they have strength to resist tear. Garbage bags are made from plastics which are ecoflex to maintain integrity of polyethylene bags while they are biodegradable.

Plastic bags are a problem to nature. Even when they are disposed properly, they are picked up easily and carried by wind because they are light. They blow to streets and clogg on storm drains and go direct to the sea. They persist in the environment to cause harm.
Plastic bags are so dangerous when they have been ingested by animals accidentally. Many cows die of plastic bags ingestion. One of the vetenerian documented that sheep, camels, and animals of the desert die of eating plastic bags. Water reptiles like the jelly fish mistaken the sea turtles to plastic bags which end up in blocking their digestive systems and causing them to die.

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