Plastic Recycling

Plastic Recycling

plasticPlastic are non-biodegradable meaning they cannot decompose to be part of the soil. They torture the earth with the chemical it produces, that is why it is a good thing to recycle plastic. Imagine a world that you don’t see plastic lying down on your walkway or near your house. If we reuse and recycle the plastic, this would definitely be the environment.

It should be noted that plastic have different categories from the polythene bag which can tear up easily to the PVC pipes that does not get damaged easily. To many it may be difficult to detect the items and object made of plastic. So all plastics are made from a synthetic material which is made of the organic polymer. What differentiates all this types of plastic is the wide range of the organic polymers. They are made and shaped to whatever is needed. Below or on the side of the object, most of them write what type of plastic it is made of.

We all know plastics are important, in fact it is hard to not use plastic at the end of the day regardless of what profession or social class you in. You can now recycle after use to what you would want, just the other day someone made a kayaking boat out of the plastic bottle and people who used it were surprised on how efficient it is. Others have made beautiful chandeliers out of plastic. Hence recycling has no limitation, it ends with you and your creativity.

Recycling can either be DIY (do it yourself) for instance the boat, all it needed was right spacing and compactness of the bottle. It did not need to go through chemical or heating reactions which can be a bit expensive. Some recycling can be done at home at your own time. While others need to go to the factory.

In case of the factories, there are many processes of recycling. This include thermal DE polymerization, this is where they can convert assorted polymers into petroleum. Its advantage is that it can recycle all type of polymer. The second one is the heat compression which is used by many companies. They take all plastics which are clean and heat them up becoming one. Though its disadvantage is the use of the rotating drums also known as tumblers they use a lot of energy.


This process is a bit basic. Basically they collect all plastics, they sort them out depending on colors, type of plastic and so on. They wash the plastic then they flake. Flake can be before or even after washing. This is where the unwanted and undetected plastic are removed. The flake is dried. The clatter go through filtering, melting depending on what they want. They also make pellets. At this point you have the chance to do anything you want with the liquid including fabrics.

The rates of recycling is increasing every year and we hoping that will continue being the trend. It is very cheap especially the DIY. You can make a gift for your loved one in case you cannot afford the big things, and he or she may end up loving it more, because you customized it only for him or her. It also give you a chance to explore your creativity.