trashIn every year, American families throw out 2,460 pounds of paper, 480 pounds of glass and 540 pounds of metal. I and you contribute to 1,200 pounds in trash throwing every year.2, 400 pounds of paper is contributed by junk mail coming to your houses which you don’t need. The 80 percentage of it that is thrown away gets into landfills making it useless to nobody.

19 bounds of carbon IV oxide that is generated to the atmosphere by gas is emitted by cars. A single driving car for 1000 miles in one month can generate 120 tons of carbon IV oxide each year. In America, 16 tons of sewage is dumped into water in each minute.25 billion of Styrofoam coffee cups and 2.5 million beverage plastic containers thrown away by American countries in each hour.

Cans of soft drinks bottles that amounts to 40 billion are thrown by America in each year. Household wastes such as scraps of food and wastes from yards amounting to 84% are recycled.

The following are facts about recycling;

Every person contributes to 4 pounds in trash generation in each year and 1.5 tons of wastes which are in solid state in each year.

200 million tons of garbage is produced by the people in America.

It is estimated by EPA that the waste stream of America can be recyclable at 75 %.

Cans of Alumimium amounting to 36 billion that was thrown in last year were recycled to produce 60 million dollars as it is estimated by CRI.

As from 1990, recycling of paper has increased.

According to one website in America, 251.3 million tons of garbage is generated by America in each year. The amount of wastes generated has now tripled as compared in the year 1990 and to date. In all the trash generated,55 % is buried in landfills while 33% is recycled and the remaining is incinerated.

Many things can be done to reduce the amount of trash generated in every year. Awareness should be created for people to know the issue at5 hand.Embrassing the 3Rs of waste reduction needs to be done. It includes reduce,re-use and recycle. Compositing is also included. Paper, aluminum and plastics are goods which are commonly recycled.


Paper which is recycled has increased up to 100% since the year 1987.49 million tons were recycled by America in 2003 while 50% was consumed. Recycling of newspaper amounts to a recovery of 75%.A third of it is used in new prints making. Boxes and containers which are corrugated are also recycled to approximately 76%


Aluminum recovery for recycling was 68% in 1992 and had dropped up to 50% in the year 2003.Aluminium recycling is important in saving energy that can be used in producing new aluminum for raw materials. Ingots weighing 60,000 pounds are produced from recycled melted cans and the amount can generate new cans worth 1.6 million.


11.3% of municipal wastes in solid state are generated in the United States .52% was recovered in 200 and also 8.9% containers was recovered. In the year 2003, an average of 31.9 and 25.2% of density polythene and termpephthalate polythene were recycled.

The following are reasons why we need to recycle trash:

Recycling of trash is a money saver.

It helps in improving efficiency.

It helps in reduction of energy use.

It helps in reduction of the global warming and also improvement of air quality.